First Attempt at Painting

A picture of the ground - the inspiration for my paintingPainting is something I had always wanted to try. So a while ago I grabbed some paint, brushes, and paper and decided to just do it.

Knowing that my skills for drawing something that looks real are an opportunity for improvement, I decided to paint something more abstract. I had taken a picture of the ground while on a walk because the tree roots and rocks looked interesting, and that seemed like good inspiration for an abstract painting.

Another thing I know about myself is that I tend to work better under a little pressure. Otherwise, I will try to perfect every little detail and never finish. So I got the supplies ready and gave myself 2 hours, which seemed reasonable for a painting on a half sheet of paper.

My little abstract painting inspired by the picture of the groundUsing acrylic paint, mixed media paper, and a bit of pumice medium, I made this painting. And I did it within the 2 hour limit I gave myself.

It’s not fancy, but I’m happy with it. And that is what really counts.

Since painting this, I have been to one of those paint and wine places a couple of times and had a blast. I will share those paintings in a later post.

Have you wanted to try painting? If so, I highly recommend a paint and wine type place because they will step you through the process and provide tips that you could try at home. I have also picked up a couple of cheap “teach yourself” painting kits which are fun for playing with. There are also many, many online tutorials through YouTube, Craftsy, Creativebug, etc.

Regardless of how you go about trying painting, remember to have fun and enjoy the process.

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