Impulse Buy – Bracelet Kit

During one of my excursions to Michaels, I stopped to look at the “impulse buy” stand near the checkout counter. One of the items was a little bracelet kit with beads and cord. It looked relatively easy and was only about $3, so I impulsively bought it.

Cord and bead bracelets

It turned out to have enough material for 2 bracelets. The instructions were pretty good and I made the first bracelet rather quickly. I did modify it a bit because I wanted it to fit tighter than the it would have been by following the instructions exactly.

One of the things I was most excited about was learning a new knot. This bracelet required tying box knots between the beads. Usually I’m not very good at tying knots, so this was a big deal for me.

Before making the second bracelet, I found a tutorial online for making sliding knots. Feeling so confident from the last venture into new knot tying, I decided to try something a bit different on this bracelet in order to try the new knot. I was super excited when the sliding knots actually worked!

These aren’t the fanciest bracelets and the materials are pretty cheap, but I made them and proudly wear them. And now I know new ways to use different cord and beads when I want to make more bracelets.

This was a cheap impulse buy that worked out really well for me. My lesson learned here was to not be afraid to pick up something that looks cheap if I think I can learn something new from it.

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