Creativity = Energy

For me, working on creative projects is very energizing. 

I noticed this week that I’ve been tired and lacking in energy. I realized this morning that I have done almost nothing creative this past week. I didn’t even write on my blog. A couple of migraines certainly contributed to the tired, but I let them keep me from doing much this week. 

The idea for this post hit me this morning. Just the thought of it felt energizing. So here I am typing away and feeling better already. 🙂

This has been a good reminder for me that exercising creativity is as important for me as physical exercise (still working on that, too). 

I’m already thinking about what projects I’ll be working on this week and feeling pretty excited about it.

Painting Abstracts – Exercise 1

Recently I shared my first attempt at painting and it inspired me to learn more about abstract painting. So I grabbed my copy of Painting Abstracts by Rolina van Vilet and decided to start going through the exercises.

Abstract Painting Exercise 1

I had already read through the first set of introductions, which provided an overview of abstract painting. The first exercise was intended to introduce expressive shapes and to just get used to putting paint on canvas/paper. I picked 5 different colors and 5 different palette knives (cheap plastic pack from Michaels,  but they worked).

The main goal was to start going through the exercises because I kept putting it off for a variety of reasons. I was super excited to have finally started going through these exercises. Continue reading

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Let’s Dance

Washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen used to be a tedious chore. Then one day I decided to put on some music while in the kitchen.

And the dancing began.

Not full-out competition routine or club dancing, but moving around and singing along with the music. Nothing fancy. I started to actually have fun washing the dishes, wiping the counters, etc. People walking by who can see in the window probably get a good chuckle if they see me. 🙂

I have always enjoyed dancing and have taken classes in the past. So rediscovering it by dancing around the kitchen was great for me. It even inspired me to take a hip hop class for the first time in many years. That was a blast! I’m not prepared to audition for So You Think You Can Dance, but I did okay and got some good exercise.

If you enjoy dancing, too, remember that it is another creative outlet you can use. Even if you haven’t enjoyed dancing in the past, try it again sometime. You might be surprised.